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Data Recovery

In a2ftweaks we are specialists in data recovery with the most recent methods we bring you a specialised service to a reasonable price where home consumers can beneficiate of and high quality service, we can bring your most meaning memories that some how got lost in your in your storage device and they can be from a memory card that your have deleted without notice till malfunction hard drives. We can identify and restore from pictures to documents and a whole range of formats and devices.

Virus Removal

Virus, malware and spyware is something that affect most of the computers today causing malfunction, windows opening and inclusive instalation of malicious programs without the owner perdition, also can open back doors and leaving the computer venerable to any attachments and even steal personal details but we have deal with this for many years and we know how to identify and repair such attack from Windows pop in up to many toolbars on your browser slower computer and a whole range of malfunctions we bring your the best computer care for home and office.

Mobile Fixing

Mobiles is another field that a2ftweaks bring to the home consumer, our it technicians also are very familiar with mobile devices including tablets phablets, and mobiles, from different brands and sizes, we can effectively diagnosis any mobile device and give you an precise quote in how much will be to fix, we dominate either the software and hardware side of mobiles repairs but also any other service such software instalation and set up we can also provide to our costumers. For more information about the various types of mobile servicing get in touch with us

Network Setup

Internet is one of the best inventions ever done, brought people together and free information for everyone but sometimes can be a headache, special in the inicial set up, setting up a router is always a problem so we in A2F Tweaks will bring a network specialist to your home that can fix all sort of problems, from connecting your home network to extend your wifi to reach the whole house or any other device that connects to Internet like printed and Internet TV boxes we will bring you a a wide variety of professional and efficient service so you can enjoy the best of your home Internet. We also offer services for offices and business.

Software Installation

Software instalation is another service that we can offer along with computer advice, this will enable you to have some knowledge so then you go to Bay any software or even hardware to make your computer faster know in what ways are beneficial for you. We install and remove all sort of programs from office to security software till the most complex games and professional programs. Give us a call for more information about this service