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Mobile Fixing

Screen - Charging Port - Bootloop - Battery - Motherboard

Mobiles and tablets is another field that a2ftweaks bring to the home consumer, our it technicians also are very familiar with mobile devices including tablets phablets, and mobiles, from different brands and sizes, we can effectively diagnosis any mobile device and give you an precise quote in how much will be to fix, we dominate either the software and hardware side of mobiles repairs but also any other service such software installation and set up we can also provide to our costumers. For more information about the various types of mobile servicing get in touch with us

Android Phones

Samsung - Huawei - Oppo - Motorola - Xiaomi

At A2FTweaks, we will offer you a wide range of services and will give you some the most competitive prices in the market for android mobile phones repairs. We have services such as screen replacement, battery replacement, charging port replacement but have technical knowledge to any other service including motherboard repair. Depending on the phone brand prices might vary. We will be able to get you services for well-known brands like Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, OnePlus, Xiaomi and many other.


All Iphone Generations

iPhone is the major type of smartphones and one of the most requested to be repair therefore we will give you a dedicated service that will be able to repair all iPhone models and generations, from screen replacement to battery and charging port replacement but also more complex repairs such as motherboard. We are here to help you therefore you can always give us a call for a more exact repair price.


Android Tablets

Android Tablets

All android tablets brands

Just like mobile phones tablets are usually a mobile phone is a bigger size but we still able to give you the most competitive service that you can find in Bolton. For android tablets repair our prices vary even more, depending what brand and how easy to find the parts but however you can always give us a call and we will do our best to help you and fix your device.

Apple Ipads

All Ipads & Ipad Pro - All Generations

iPad is one of the most beloved tablets in the market and we offer a great services and great prices to you, we have a deep understanding in a complexity of fixing an iPad but we will offer you services such glass or screen replacement, charging port and bottom replacement, cameras and battery, we also can fix motherboards and software problems that you might have. Give us a call for more information.

Apple Ipads

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